St. Ignatius’ Suspice

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
my memory, my intellect, and all my will
— all that I have and possess.
Thou gavest it to me: to Thee, Lord, I return it!
All is Thine, dispose of it according to all Thy will.
Give me Thy love and grace,
for this is enough for me.

(St. Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, #234)

Suscipe, Domine, universam meam libertatem.
Accipe memoriam, intellectum, atque voluntatem omnem.
Quidquid habeo vel possideo mihi largitus es;
id tibi totum restituo,
ac tuae prorsus voluntati trado gubernandum.
Amorem tui solum cum gratia tua mihi dones,
et dives sum satis,
nec aliud quidquam ultra posco.


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