Prayer Before Mass

Lord, I come to this Mass to praise and thank You. On this holy ground and in this sacred space, I remember and celebrate Your presence. No matter how solemn or simple this Eucharistic liturgy may be, it is celebrated in response to Your invitation “Do this in memory of me”.

Thank you, Jesus, for the privilege to worship You in this way. Thank you for planting in my heart the grace to desire Your presence in those gathered here today, in Your sacred Word and in the bread and wine

I come in faith. May I be open to Your gentle touch. May I be open to Your sacred Word and listen to it as a personal challenge. I bring You my special needs, fears, grudges, self-pity and petty concerns. I ask your help and guidance, Lord, to become a better person. If my cares and worries interfere with my prayer at this Mass, accept them as my feeble gifts. Transform them by Your grace.

My whole being praises, honours and glorifies You. I come into Your presence with joy.



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